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Fabio’s obsession with Tina Turner began at the tender age of 14, when he put on a show for his large Italian family and sang Proud Mary into a mop and bucket. To this day performing one of his idol’s songs whether on stage or in the kitchen is what brings him joy and now he wants to share that joy with you!


In an extravaganza like no other, including hits Proud Mary, Private Dancer, and Nutbush, this homage to his idol is pure energy! Theatrical and filled with the power and emotion that only a Tina Turner song can bring, this show will have audiences on their feet from start to finish.

Transformed into Tina, thanks to handmade copies of original Tina Turner costumes, Fabio's flawless look is enough to convince anyone that Tina was right there on stage. His 35-year dance career lends slick and technical choreography to each and every song complete with a group of professional backup dancers - you've never seen Tina move like this!



This is the Tina Turner Experience.

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