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Meet Fabio

Fabios obsession with Tina Turner began at the tender age of 14, when he put on a show for his large Italian family and sang Proud Mary into a mop and bucket. To this day performing one of his idols songs whether on stage or in the kitchen is what brings him joy and now he wants to share that joy with you!




Drag artist, Fabio, does the late Tina Turner complete justice in a medley that features “Private Dancer”, “Simply The Best”, “River Deep – Mountain High”, and “Proud Mary”. Back by a ten-strong dance ensemble, the group showcased the electrifying stage presence and dance stylings for which Turner was best known.

By Nick Pilgrim

Club Vegas – The Spectacle

By Rohan Shearn

Australian Arts Review

Club Vegas – The Spectacle is well described by singer Jonathan Guthrie-Jones’ words during the show’s opening night – “A beautiful casserole of nonsense.”

It’s the ultimate variety show – a glittering, modern nod to the glamour and over-the-top glitz of yesteryear on the famous Las Vegas glitter strip.

Club Vegas host/comedy funnyman Gino Starr (James Liotta) leads a wildly talented cast of dancers, singers, magicians, aerialists, and international circus performers who deliver pure entertainment.


It’s a spectacular show at its best – countless dazzling costumes, extravagant headpieces and showstopping set pieces, including a glittering 4.5-metre motorised stiletto and a larger-than-life carousel horse. One of the standout acts was an aerialist and acro pair Sasha and Danii, known as Duo AussieBela. Their handbalancing, quick change adagio, aerial pole and aerial silk routines were breathtaking to behold. They did what artists do best – made challenging and complex skills look effortless.

Illusionist Sam Powers with Alycia was another highlight of the show. Their inexplicable magic acts left the audience with mouths agape and full of wonder.

Singers Jonathan Guthrie-Jones, J’aime Holland, Tony Lee Scott and Fabio as Tina Turner saluted many famous icons who have graced Las Vegas showroom stages, in a fusion of 70s/80s/90s and current pop hits. Guthrie-Jones was a highlight with his buttery voice and plentiful charisma.

Credit to the skilled dancers who brought sustained energy and presence through lots of numbers. All lifts were impressive and well-executed. Particular mention to Emily Zumstein and Paris Luzaic who were standouts.

There were a few clunky moments that betrayed the fact it was the show’s opening night, but they were largely covered well by the cast and crew.

The circus performer/aerialist was a great show of strength and balance and of course beautifully muscled and toned bodies. Other performers outside the aforementioned include two other vocalists, one of whom is Australian-born singer J'aime Holland who is based in Melbourne, and sang a duet with Jonathan Guthrie-Jones. Our resident Tina Turner commanded a presence on stage, bewigged, costumed wonderfully and with legs that could move to the beat. Overall the whole show is an utter joy to behold, visually, technically, and artistically perfect with great props like the giant stiletto and an absolutely fabulous Carousel Horse I wouldn't mind having. I thanked sound and lighting at their desk as I walked out the door for their fabulous contribution that set the mood with a great lighting design that makes all the difference. There's nothing worse than incoherent sound with volume that's either too loud or too soft. Luckily it was all perfection at this show. 

By Alex First

The Blurb

By Cait Coffey-Wong

Australian Stage

Gino Starr (comedian James Liotta) is a good-natured Italian character with some corny lines and warm audience interaction. That includes dipping his lid to furniture king Franco Cozzo. A buff Russian artist named Sacha is a master at hand balancing and on a moving aerial pole. Drag artist Fabio Cattafi turns head and is front and centre in the Tina Turner medley.

It was the breathtaking aerialist and acrobatics duo AussieBela! that really had us holding out breath with a variety of different performances. Aerial artist Danii performing high on the silk while J’aime and Jonathan sang down below on the stage was a particular highlight, as was the duo performing a very acrobatic quick-change routine. Drag queen Fabio Cattafi was also a lot of fun as she pumped out a rapid fire medley of Tina Turner classics that had our audience clapping and singing along.

Club Vegas – The Spectacle

Cait Coffey-Wong 04 September 2023

When it came to employing Fabio Cattafi it was without hesitation, as I had long been aware of

the talent & artistry that he exudes.


He has a great inner sense of style, being of Italian descent which is one of his more outstanding trademarks, along with being highly experienced in hospitality he has an inherit diplomacy & loyalty which is so rare & valuable today.


As & artist he has the capacity to enthral an audience as he brings a genuine magnetism to any performance, & consequently is very capable of producing shows & imparting the creativity & knowledge he has gathered over many years of experience.  

I fully endorse what ever ventures Fabio chooses to embark on as his credentials are without question.  

- Tony Bartuccio
Jaci Testro         -
(Talent Agent)

I have had to pleasure of representing and booking the brilliantly talented Mr Fabio Cattafi for many years. Firstly booking him as an exceptional dancer for stage and TV and now very excited for his Tina Show. Fabio is a consummate professional and his energy and passion and talent will continue to impact both clients and audiences alike.

I have not only had the privilege of working with Fabio Cattafi but have known him and hired him for many events.

He is a true professional and a wonderful talent.  He is full of energy and delivers.

I have no hesitation in recommending this incredible performer to add that WOW factor to any event.

I feel grateful that Fabio is part of the Entertainment Industry Professionals and I wish him much success in his endeavours.


- Katie Collins
    (Director, UE Agency)
Nichole Condos       -
(Material Girl PR)

I have had the great pleasure of working with Fabio from both sides of the stage - as a fellow performer and as a client who has booked The Tina Show at Private Events.


Fabio's natural energy, passion and professionalism connects with the audience whilst his performance is "Simply The Best!"

Fabio was able to bring that WOW factor to our wedding that we were looking for.

Our Guests were awestruck by Fabio's 'A Night With Tina'. The costuming, the dancers, everything was just outstanding!Highly Professional to deal with and made our night so special. We would recommend 'A Night With Tina' to anyone wanting to add that special something to their event.

- Trish & Chris
CEO/ founder of Patrick school for the arts

Fabio Cattafi is one of a kind artist. His attention to detail and design sets him apart from the crowd and indulges the audience in a level of professionalism that is unrivalled.

I have had the privilege of working with Fabio for the past 20 years he was my muse for the best part of 10 years working side by side to choreography and lead my events and corporate functions for the most prominent clients Australia wide from KPMG to Price Waterhouse Cooper’s crown casinos and every pop star to hit our shores. He is undoubtedly a star in his own right.

As a mainstream choreographer, I have had the pleasure in employing Fabio in both Television, Musical Theatre, Cabaret and Commercial gigs.

In all realms, he has outdone himself. As a performer, he has continuously shown a high dedication and beautiful skill set in both acting and dance and is adored by all that rehearse and perform with him.

I can always rest assured that Fabios performance will be of the highest professional standard and I would highly recommend that anything Fabio sets he’s mind to in this industry would be nothing less than brilliant. Fabio is loved throughout the industry, and I’m sure, will continue to be for a long time to come.

Kelly Akers

Producer, Director

Parklifeproductions PTY LTD

Spiro Condos - Owner Market Hotel

The Market Nightclub had a simple philosophy that to succeed, it needed to have the best sound, lights and performers. Fabio was handpicked as one of our regular dancers and was often the lead, as his skill, professionalism and technique at his craft made him one of the most sought after dancers. He is focused, which ultimately produce scintillating and dazzling performances.

There is only one Tina Turner, or is there?  You’d be forgiven for the confusion once you’ve seen ‘A Night With Tina’.  Fabio manages to capture the essence and electricity of such an iconic performer you’d be forgiven for losing yourself in the moment and feeling that same magic you did the first time you saw the real Tina doing what she does as only she could, until now.


As if the incredible costumes weren’t enough to have you cheering with every costume change Fabio is perfectly framed by world-class dancers who manage to only further elevate the show to a seamless level that would be the cherry on top to any event.  I couldn’t recommend A Night With Tina more; if you want an experience and not just a show this is the one, this show is hot it’ll leave you with steamy windows and have you screaming for more.

Luke Taylor

Corporate Events Producer

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